We offer: 

  • instructional material on the preparation, use, and maintenance of scythes
  • retail service
  • the People’s Snath
  • custom peening and blade repair
  • workshops and individual lessons
  • custom mowing

What is the People’s Snath? Custom-made, taking into account the height of the user(s), the tang angles of the blade, the type of vegetation to be mown, and the slope and evenness of the terrain. Fit to the user(s) in such a way that postural integrity does not need to be compromised in order to maintain a suitable angle between the blade’s edge and the ground. Durable and easily repaired. Harvested and carved with hand tools. Made from saplings and branches, instead of milled lumber (lower embodied energy). Conceived by the late Peter Vido.

Peter first introduced the term “Wildwood” to describe snaths made from branches or saplings, as opposed to milled lumber. He was also explicit about never cutting trees specifically for snath material, but instead using trees cut for other reasons: be they trees he selectively cut for firewood, or slash left by road-crews wherever he travelled. Our snaths emulate the spirit and untraditional design features that Peter came up with over years of experimentation and improvements.  Some of the wood we use is specifically harvested for snath material (many of the Eastern Snaths, for example) from trees we are carefully pollarding. Pollarding extends the life and enhances the vigor of the tree, and stimulates the growth of more poles to be harvested in the future from the same tree.

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